Join Symphony d'Oro for a free concert celebrating the majesty, power, and mystery of our planet. From the primal and mysterious sounds of a solo Native American flute in Lake That Speaks, to the the powerful and percussive music in Burning by local composer Ryan Suleiman, to the beautiful sounds of the natural world found in Edvard Grieg's Morgenstimmen and Beethoven's beloved 6th Symphony, it will be a wonderful evening of orchestral music.

The concert is free.

Symphony d'Oro's community partner for this concert is the Rancho Cordova Whisker Warriors. In addition to serving the community through its spay and neuter program Whisker Warriors also has a prominent animal search and rescue program. Actively involved in search and rescue efforts last year in Paradise during and after the fire, the Whisker Warriors continue to prepare for the next disaster so as to help the helpless creatures with whom we share our planet, communities and households. The Whisker Warriors will be at the concert demonstrating the shelters constructed for animal rescue and will also have furry friends to meet with our audience.  Symphony d'Oro will collect donations at the concert to assist the Whisker Warriors in their mission going forward.

Saturday, November 16, 2019  at 7:30pm
Performing Arts Theater, Cordova High School
2239 Chase Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670


  • Morgenstimmen (Morning Mood) from Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op.46, Edvard Grieg
  • World Premier of Burning, by local composer Ryan Suleiman
  • Lake That Speaks, by James DeMars, and featuring Deborah Pittman on Native American flute
  • Symphony No. 6 in F major "Pastoral", Op. 68, Ludwig van Beethoven

More details about the Concert

We perform a gorgeous modern piece called "Lake That Speaks" by composer James DeMars featuring the talented Deborah Pittman on the Native American Flute. This is a beautiful piece, mysterious and rich. After that our audience will be treated to the world premiere of the piece we commissioned nearly two years ago especially for this concert. Ryan Suleiman is a local, young composer studying at UC Davis. Ryan was so moved by the devastation of the fires in Napa in 2017 that he conceived a piece for orchestra, which features the drama of the percussion section. The piece, called "Burning" expresses Ryan's emotions while observing the destruction of the fires. Last fall this composition took on a new meaning with the Camp Fire in Paradise. It has even more meaning as we continue to experience more statewide devastation by fire this fall.

Our final offering is a performance of Beethoven's lyrical 6th Symphony, also known as the Pastoral. The earth and Mother Nature have inspired composers since the dawn of time. Next year 2020, is the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth and many symphonies world-wide intend to perform the Pastoral Symphony to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our most valuable resource. Given the prominence of the devastating fires in California we decided to bring this issue to the public in our concerts now. So you will hear it hear in Rancho Cordova first!

Concert Program (PDF)

Concert Flyer

Spooktacular Concert Feature on ABC Channel 10's Your California Life

Pictures from the Concert

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